Peter Donegan

'Superman’ - the highly anticipated Nashville-recorded Country album by the son of the ‘Godfather of British Rock n Roll’ - Lonnie Donegan - shows the raw, heartfelt emotion and energy of a truly brilliant singer/songwriter, featuring all original songs - ranging from pure Country to Country Rock. Almost inevitably, Peter Donegan has been performing since the age of five, given that the ‘Godfather of British Rock n Roll’, ‘King Of Skiffle’, the late Lonnie Donegan, is his father. Lonnie inspired every British Invasion band from The Beatles to Led Zeppelin. Even The White Stripes’ Jack White cites Lonnie as one of his major influences. All this runs through Peter's veins and is clearly evident in his live performances, as well as in the studio. Amongst Peter's own admirers are Nora Guthrie (daughter of seminal folk musician, Woody Guthrie), Crystal Gayle and Billy Bragg.