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Massage Choose from a range of massage treatments.

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You can choose from over 15 different body treatments at the Spa, here's some of our favourite treatments:

Comfort Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage
The journey combines a luxury full body exfoliation, welcome massage around the neck and shoulders and Comfort massage using the elbows and forearms, to leave muscles relaxed, skin silky soft and the body and mind balanced.

45 mins, £40 90 mins, £60

Peace Hot Stones Massage
A deeper, relaxing massage using Hawaiian hot stones to release any tension from your body and leave your mind you in a deep state of relaxation.

45 mins, £40 90 mins, £60

Tranquillity Shiatsu Deep Tissue Massage
For those who want a massage that goes a little deeper, the Tranquillity Massage is based on the ancient Japanese art of Shiatsu, Swedish massage techniques and sport massage. The Tranquillity Deep Tissue Massage is performed leaving muscles relaxed and skin supple and toned.

45 mins, £40 90 mins, £60

Heavenly Back, Shoulder and Head Massage
A deeply relaxing head, neck, back and shoulder massage designed to release tension and stress, leaving you feeling relaxed and revived.

45 mins, £35